From Pre-School
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Posture in Style's innovative line of German-made, ergonomic desks and chairs from moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH can literally grow with your children and grandchildren. Designed specifically to promote good posture in young people, these high-quality furniture are safe, stylish, and feature rich.

From Pre-School to High School

Ergonomics for Children

Today's children spend more time sitting than ever before. A good sitting posture is critical for their healthy development and eye sight. Learn more about the importance of ergonomics for children by clicking on the following links:

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See what the experts say about children's ergonomics by clicking on the following links:

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• Professional Tips for Purchasing Writing Desks
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• Sloping Desks - Straight Backs

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Features of Children's Furniture

moll furniture are manufactured with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Every attention to detail has been made to ensure children's safety and create optimum conditions for children's health. With tiltable desktop, adjustable height, customizable colors and designs, they are the ideal gifts that will not be outgrown.

Learn more about moll furniture by clicking on the following links:

• Made in Germany
• Maintaining Value
• 5 Growth Dimensions
• Features of moll Furniture
• Warranties of moll Furniture

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Good Posture in Style

Not only are the ergonomic desks stylishly designed and available in 4 surface finishes, every desk comes standard with 7 different color accents to accommodate children's changing tastes. Components, colors, motifs, and fabrics can be added or removed as needs change, ensuring the furniture to always be the right fit for any child.

See these stylish children's furniture yourself by clicking on the following links:

• Popular Ergonomic Desk and Chair Combinations
• Lifestyle Photos
• Desks
• Additions
• Chairs
• Storages
• Surface Options
• Design Sets
• Fabrics

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Good Posture In Style

Purchase moll Furniture

Posture in Style is proud to be the first (and only) distributor in the USA to offer these ingenious children's ergonomic desks and chairs from Germany. We make it easy and hassle-free for you to purchase the innovative moll furniture.

Use our 3D Planner to create your own furniture combination or take a look at our most popular combos for ideas.

Visit our Online Store today and give your loved ones the precious gift of health by enabling them to have good posture in style.

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